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What People are saying about Saving Our Schools

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Saving Our Schools is an excellent discussion starter on an (unfortunately) hot current issue.  Highly Recommended. ***1/2
Video Librarian , November/December Issue, 1999

The videos’ messages will be useful for parents, teachers, and counselors as well as students.  Highly Recommended.
The Book Report , March/April issues, 2000


Saving Our Schools takes the terrible events of Columbine and turns them into an extraordinary opportunity for making our schools safer and kinder places.
Davida Desmond
Supervisor, Department of Research, Planning and Evaluation.  SFUSD


I would like to use Saving Our Schools in every middle and high school in our county.  It is so powerful, it will really make a difference.
Mary Buttler
Assistant Superintendent, Marin County Office of Education


It will change how we deal with violence and should be part of every school's violence prevention plan.
Nando Llacuna
High School Principal


Worldfest, 1999
International CINDY Competition, 2000


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