Series Description

A two-part "Early Warning" Video Series
for Creating Safer, More Caring Schools
Hosted by Michael Pritchard

  • Lively and entertaining format grips students attention
  • Stimulates campus-wide communication about school safety
  • Incorporates research-based approaches shown to be effective
  • Includes Step-by-Step Teachers Guide and Cyber-Resources

Saving Our Schools is a dynamic new youth-centered video series which provides educators with an immediate and powerful tool for preventing school crisis and building critical lines of communication within our school communities.   This program is designed to build bridges between students, teachers and counselors and spark honest and direct conversations about violence, hate and cruelty.  It is based on the research and recommendations of the U.S. Department of Education's "Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide To Safe Schools", and incorporates identified "best practices".

Taped on location in middle and high schools, Saving Our Schools is hosted by youth counselor, humorist, and PBS host Michael Pritchard. Michael's experience and talents make him uniquely qualified to supply the spark we need to wake up our students and get them talking about school violence and safety.


#1.              Breaking the Silence about Hate and Violence

            Under the surface in every school there are problems that, if kept secret and unexplored, can lead to explosive crises. In this program, students are encouraged to break the silence about hate and violence and learn why they must stop keeping dangerous secrets about their friends and fellow students.  They are shown appropriate ways to get adult help in troubling or frightening situations, and how they can become the "early warning system" in their schools by identifying signs of stress in their friends and fellow students, and reporting threats of violence and expressions of hate.

#2.              Building Caring and Safe School Communities

            Recent events have shown how exclusive school cliques and narrow definitions of social status can cause great emotional pain  - and contribute to terrible acts of aggression. This program explores the social dynamics of high school and details ways students can ease the social isolation of all students by creating a caring and inclusive school culture.


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