About Michael Pritchard

Check out the great Fall Special on our Red Ribbon Week video, and view a clip directly from the program.

Michael Pritchard is a youth activist, humorist, and Public Television host who is known by audiences across the United States for his ability to help young people gain real insight into themselves and the choices they make.   For over 20 years, Mr. Pritchard has traveled the country, thrilling his youthful audiences while spreading his message of good choices, personal responsibility, and respect for others. Recently featured in Time magazine and on CNN, Pritchard has the unique distinction of winning the San Francisco International Comedy Competition while he was California Probation Officer of the Year.  He keeps a demanding schedule visiting schools and universities across the country, while finding time to bring his inspiring message to parent, civic and professional groups, community organizations, and corporations.

To learn more about Michael Pritchard and his speaking tours please contact: www.MichaelPritchard.com


A Message From Michael Pritchard

    As many of you know, I spend most of my time travelling around the country visiting schools and talking to students about the choices they make.  I use my humor to break down the barriers adults often experience with kids, and the results are usually pretty astounding.  I am constantly amazed at the brilliance and sensitivity of our youth.  They are extremely well informed about the issues of the day, and bring remarkable insight and creative solutions to the problems they face.

    That is what my programs are all about: listening to kids and learning the solutions they have to our most vexing problems.  I am particularly proud of our most recent program, Saving Our Schools From Hate and Violence , where our students sort out the difficult problem of making our schools safer in the aftermath of Columbine.  Given the magnitude of these tragedies, I was extremely moved by the light and hope these young people bring to these programs and am once again reminded that our future is in good hands.

    I hope you enjoy Saving Our Schools.  

    Yours truly,
    Michael Pritchard


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