A Message from Our Funder

See's Candies, which has historically been a generous donor to Bay Area schools, is the sole funder for the production and national broadcast of Saving Our Schools.  Since 1921, See's Candies has been one of America's favorite candy makers.  With every piece of See's Candies, customers are assured of "Quality Without Compromise".  See's operates more than 200 Shops throughout the Western Unites States, and offers one of the largest selections of chocolate confections in the world.  Their underwriting of Saving Our Schools reflects their belief that all children should grow up in a safe and caring environment where they can learn and develop to their greatest potential.

Quality Without Compromise

     See's Candies is proud to support Saving Our Schools From Hate and Violence because we believe that all children should grow up in a safe and caring environment where they can learn and develop to their greatest potential.  The tragedies which have taken place at Columbine High School, and elsewhere, have shaken some long-held assumptions about our schools, our children, and even who we are as a nation.  Because of our long-time commitment to education, we welcome the opportunity to bring some light to these troubling events and provide some positive answers to the questions they raise.

    We at See's Candies have always seen the importance of certain traditional values: commitment to quality, hard work, loyalty, and service.  Our support of Saving Our Schools flows from this basic corporate perspective.  We want our young people to realize that certain core values - personal responsibility, compassion, and the courage to stand up for what is right - are essential for their own happiness and safety. 

    The young people of today are the leaders of tomorrow.  They are our future and it won't be long before we are living in their world.   Saving Our Schools makes it more likely that this world will be a safer and more caring place, and we are proud to bring this profoundly positive message to the students, faculty and staff of our nation's schools.


    Charles N. Huggins
    President and CEO
    See's Candies

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