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In this center, you will find messages from teens all around the country who have watched SOS and want to find ways to make their school safer, more caring places.

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SOSTeenTalk Message #1 
From Michael Pritchard and the Producers of SOS:

    We hope you enjoyed watching SOS and take to heart its message of safety and caring.

    We also want you to know that, regardless of recent events, you are safe at school.  Statistics show that students are safer at school than at any other place, and there is less than a one in a million chance that you will be a victim of a shooting at school.

    The terrible tragedies at Columbine High School and elsewhere have made us all think a lot about how safe we are school.  It is important to remember however, that the number of violent incidents in schools has, in fact, been going down for the last few years - as have the rates of teen violence in general. 

    While we can always do more to keep ourselves safe, we can also take comfort in knowing that the efforts being taken on the national and local levels are having a positive effect, and that we are safer now than before.


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