The Book Report, March/April issues, 2000

Saving Our Schools From Hate and Violence
Highly Recommended.

Produced in response to the violence in schools, this video set responds to an obvious need.  The two videos, Breaking the Silence About Hate and Violence and Building Caring and Safe School Communities, are complete in themselves and can be purchased separately.  Narrator Michael Pritchard, a humorist and youth counselor, was able to hold the attention of the high school students to whom I showed the videos.  They also liked having other high school students as the only participants in the interactive discussion. Moving from one real high school to the other provides natural breaks where teachers or counselors can stop the video and allow the students to compare events in the video to their own situation.  This program will raise the awareness of students about the necessity of including everyone in the group, especially those who seem to have few friends.  The students participants list signs of suicidal/homicidal intentions to watch for among fellow students and ways of providing help before a tragedy occurs; all of which are reinforced by Pritchard whose facial expressions relieve the tension generated by the topics.  The videos’ messages will be useful for parents, teachers, and counselors as well as students.  A printed leader’s guide contains discussion questions and activities.  Also provided is the address to a Web site that links users with local and national organizations on violence prevention and school safety. 

Highly Recommended. 
Sister Alma Marie Walls, Media Specialist, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, Miami Florida.

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